• February 23, 2024

Veteran California Firefighter Axed After 22 Years For Refusing To…

 Veteran California Firefighter Axed After 22 Years For  Refusing To…

After more than 20 years of service, veteran firefighter John Knox was fired for refusing to take the city’s illegal COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

Knox was a founding member of the advocacy group Firefighters4Freedom. Dr. Amy Bohn, co-founder and president of Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids (PERK) and a strong supporter of medical freedom, expressed her deep regret over Knox’s dismissal.

Leading the legal fight against the City of Los Angeles over its vaccination requirements is John Knox, a firefighter paramedic with the Los Angeles Fire Department and a board member of the Firefighters4Freedom Foundation.

Since its founding on September 6, 2021, Firefighters4Freedom has amassed a strong legal team, which includes environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Scott Street, and John Howard.

According to the Let’s Go podcast, the club has filed two significant lawsuits against the City of Los Angeles, seeking damages exceeding $2.1 billion.

Over 100 Los Angeles municipal firemen, including Knox, were reportedly threatened with unpaid suspension in September 2021 for refusing to comply with the city’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

Knox expressed his concerns, stating, “Over the past 22 months, without that shot, we’ve been here helping the public. There has never been an issue until the city put this mandate out. Until the city turned us from heroes to criminals. We continued to come out and serve the public.”

Scott Street, the attorney representing the suspended firefighters, argues for due process: “If it wants to terminate them, put them through the proper process.”

Attending a Board of Rights hearing for Knox last week, Dr. Amy Bohn blasted the decision for what seemed to be a disdain for the testimony and evidence offered in Knox’s defense.

Dr. Bohn claims that because Knox opposes the COVID-19 vaccination, he has been unpaid for more than 725 days.

“I want to let you know that on Monday [November 27], he was removed as a firefighter from his job as a firefighter here in California,” Dr. Bohn said in a video posted on X.

“And the reason why he was removed was because he did not take the COVID vaccine. He did not take the experimental shot, and he’s been without pay for over 725 days. And they decided to make an example of him and removed him as a firefighter,” she added.

“Just because there’s a declaration of an emergency doesn’t mean that that supersedes our human rights.

“It doesn’t mean that they can coerce us or force us to have any kind of medical procedure. And it is our human right to choose what goes into our body. And what happened to John was wrong. Everything that they could have used to protect him, they did not. The hearing itself was a joke.”

Bohn attacked the hearing procedure, saying it disregarded testimony from character witnesses and significant evidence.

“They contradicted themselves. They didn’t listen to what people had to say. They didn’t listen to the evidence. They didn’t listen to the character witnesses. None of that mattered,” she said.

Dr. Bohn emphasized the tremendous strain first responders face, particularly during pandemics, and recommended that rather than placing “ridiculous mandates” on them, local and state authorities give priority to providing mental health treatment for this population.

Dr. Bohn contends these mandates violate medical and bodily autonomy in addition to being unlawful. The John Knox case is considered a symbol of a broader campaign against the Democrats and the Biden administration’s overreach in enforcing public health regulations.

As she wrapped up her speech, Dr. Bohn reaffirmed her commitment to fighting for rights that she and her supporters see as fundamental to a democratic society and to defending the right to practice medicine freely.

If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have them. If you know them and you don’t use them, then you will lose them.

#1 – MANDATES ARE NOT LAWS!!! Title 18, Section 241: Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law
Not to mention the Nuremberg Codes, which state that coercing someone to take a medical procedure that they would not volunteer for is a crime against humanity punishable by death.

There are also 10 federal statutes that they are breaking, three of which carry the death penalty.


#2: There’s enough evidence out now to prove not only do the jabs not work, but that they are dangerous.




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