• April 20, 2024



The UFC has been in the news quite a bit lately with the controversy surrounding the state of Nevada not wanting to issue main event fighter Jon Jones a license to fight in Las Vegas this week which prompted the UFC to move the entire pay per view event to California on a week’s notice.

It’s a move that is indicative of the fact that the UFC isn’t exactly all too caring about anything but pay per view revenue by having one of their top stars fighting in a main event spot. That being said despite there being some bad apples in the organization as far as management goes and as far as some of the fighters there are fighters that are genuinely good people.

They are also as tough as people come. I remember in the early days of the UFC when the people with grappling disciplines were almost looked down on because people seriously thought back in the day that a punch would end every fight. Well a couple of grapplers set folks straight on that count.

Also, not to say that they aren’t tough people, but when you have someone that can no sell a grenade attack….from an actual grenade, you have some people that you would not want to stand across the cage from.

Via Western Journal:

UFC fighter Alex Oliveira was injured by an exploding grenade while back home in Brazil for the Christmas holiday.

Oliveira was celebrating with his family on Christmas Eve near Rio de Janiero when he went out to get some gas.

While driving to the gas station, he saw members of his family involved in an altercation, according to a report from Yahoo Sports.

When he got out of his car to see what was going on, one of the attackers threw a grenade toward him.

The grenade exploded and some of the shrapnel got lodged in his leg and foot, Yahoo Sports reported.

“One guy came up and pointed a gun at my nephew’s face, and that’s when people started pushing each other,” Oliveira told Brazilian TV station Rio Sul, reported Yahoo.

“They had machetes, knives, a grenade. They threw a grenade in my direction. Fragments flew to my leg and my foot,” Oliveira added.

Oliveira was taken to a local hospital to have the shrapnel removed.

“They opened my leg to take out the shrapnel, they got the point,” Oliveira told Rio Sul, according to a computer translation. “I’ve got my leg bandaged here with a bandage.”


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