Uber Driver Is FURIOUS After Making Shocking Discovery While Dropping Off Passenger


A Florida woman working as an Uber driver foiled her boyfriend’s plot to cheat on her when she transported a woman from the airport to her boyfriend’s building’s front door.

According to Daily Mail, the betrayed woman who only identifies herself as “Bree,” tweeted the details of her March 27 story soon after dropping off the passenger and confronting her now ex-boyfriend.

Twenty-four-year-old Bree’s tale became an instant social media hit and landed her the nickname “#UberBae,” to her surprise.

“I’ve talked about my ex-boyfriend in the past, but nobody’s really paid attention, so I just thought, ‘This time, nobody’s really gonna pay attention to this,’ and that’s what happened,” Bree said, Complex reports.

On March 27, Bree tweeted the following:

“So I drive for uber why I just pick this girl up and drop her off to a d*ck appointment and the d*ck appointment was my mans house.”

In follow-up tweets, Bree stated she had spent the previous night at her boyfriend’s apartment and said goodbye to each other in the morning. Her boyfriend claimed he was flying to New York to see his mother who was in the hospital.

“My man told me he was going to ny to see his mom she’s in the hospital he had luggage packed an everything I stayed with him the night befor,” she wrote on Twitter. She added that “he got in his car I got in mine he drove off like he was going to the airport.”

Later that same day, as Bree is working for Uber, she gets a notification to pick up a woman at the airport. With the drop-off address in Bree’s GPS system, Bree collects the woman and has a conversation with her while listening to music.

“[She said she was going to see her] boyfriend and shes so excited She hasn’t seen him in forever blah blah blah I’m relating I’m like yeah my man just left out of town,” tweeted Bree.

“Anyways fast forward to us pulling up to the gate at the apartment complex I’m like my boyfriend lives out here.”

As Bree drives closer to the drop-off point, “counting the building numbers,” Bree tweets: “my stomach starts to drop as we closer to a familiar building and I see his car outside.”

Her boyfriend’s ruse was over the minute he stepped out of the building.

“His ass come out the house ready to assist with luggage AND THE DEVIL ROSE UP OUT OF ME LIKE ARE YOU DEAD A** RIGHT NOW he runs,” Bree tweeted.

Bree claimed she then jumped out of her car, chased her man down, and got to him before he reached his apartment lobby. She then started to hit him.

“… he was gone leave her outside with me too lol sad,” Bree tweeted.

The other woman got out of the car and ran to protect “our mAn” and reportedly struck back at Bree.

The altercation continued, with her boyfriend trying to separate the two women and the other woman defending him, until Bree, tired, went back to her vehicle and drove off — with the other woman’s luggage still in the car trunk.

“she willing to wear the same outfit for god knows how long to protect her man,” Bree posted, adding: “this is the reason I now have new luggage.”

The other woman reported her stolen luggage to Uber and the police. She didn’t press charges, but she did a complaint.

This was enough to have Uber shut her down. However, Bree said Uber was just a side job.

“I had gotten accepted on Uber a month ago,” Bree said. “I had just tried it for the last two days like, on some, ‘Let me see what this is about. I have the app, I’m in the car. Why not? My man’s away. Let me do it.'”

She ended up turning over a trash bag to the cops instead of the luggage.

Her first tweet about the story has been liked more than 64,000 times and retweeted over 35,000 times.

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