Turkey Takes Revenge To The Next Level Bombing 100 ISIS Camps Hours After Nightclub Attack [VIDEO]

In Turkey, 2017 got off to a tragic start when a gunman stormed a nightclub in Istanbul and slaughtered at least 39 people, many of them foreigners, in a savage act of terrorism.

The Islamic State terror group claimed that the gunman, who as of Tuesday morning had not yet been caught, was one of their own. Soon after the attack, Turkey took action against the terror group, the U.K. Daily Mailreported.

Video has emerged of an airstrike conducted by the Turkish military against “100 ISIS targets” in Syria. These strikes reportedly killed 22 people.

Separately, Russia also carried out a series of airstrikes against Islamic State group targets in Syria.


The exact timing of these strikes was not announced. The Islamic State group did not claim credit for the attack until Monday, and The U.K. Sun wrote that the attacks had taken place “barely 24 hours after” the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack.

It is possible that Turkey already knew before the Islamic State group made its announcement that the organization was behind the attack, and took action accordingly.

Either way, these strikes show that Turkey doesn’t mess around when it comes to terrorists attacking its people. While the Turkish government has some pretty serious problems, at least they care about responding to terror attacks.

Pretty soon the United States will have a president who probably won’t hesitate to take action against our enemies — which is something we are all looking forward to.

E. Goldstein

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