• April 20, 2024

Tucker SLAMS Georgetown Professor Who Is DEMANDING Reparations [VIDEO]

 Tucker SLAMS Georgetown Professor Who Is DEMANDING Reparations [VIDEO]

Fox News host Tucker Carlson challenged Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson Thursday night over Dyson’s call for “individual reparation accounts” for white people to atone for the sins of America’s racism by giving black people money.

Dyson, whom Juan Williams once accused of demonizing white people, dodged Carlson’s opening question about how and why his idea would work, insisting on placing his idea in the “context of a much broader discussion about white privilege, white innocence [and] white identity.”

“What I don’t believe in is collective guilt. And that is why I’m confused by the phrase ‘white privilege’” Carlson shot back.

“Well, white privilege doesn’t suggest guilt, it suggests responsibility and accountability. The same accountability that America talks to about people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, and addressing their situations, their communities, as being responsible for doing what they are doing. I don’t believe in collective guilt but I do believe in collective responsibility,” Dyson replied.

Carlson, who co-founded The Daily Caller, wasn’t buying it.

“Responsibility and guilt are synonyms in this case. Let’s be specific. Privilege. I’m privileged, and I wouldn’t deny that — and I am white — because I have a good-paying job. But you’re privileged too. We live near each other, nice neighborhood, you’re rich, you went to an Ivy League school like me. And so you are way more privileged than most white Americans,” Carlson pointed out. “So why would they owe you something?”

Dyson noted that baseball star Jackie Robinson was more financially “privileged” than a lot of white people in the 1950s, but still had to use separate water fountains due to segregation.

“And in 1955, I think that was much truer than it is now,” Carlson replied.

The entire interview can be seen below, courtesy of Fox News.



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