• May 18, 2024

Trump Voter Fined By The Government For A Ridiculous Reason

 Trump Voter Fined By The Government For A Ridiculous Reason


A Massachusetts man gets daily fines for having too many signs endorsing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on his private property, according to an Associated Press report Thursday.

Ricky Early received a letter from the city of Haverhill, Massachusetts Sept. 9, informing him that he was in violation of a local ordinance that limits the size of signs placed in local yards.

The local ordinance requires that any political signage on lawns not exceed 32 square feet in size. Early told the Associated Press that his multiple Trump signs are between 150 and 200 square feet, but that he shouldn’t be fined.

Early is currently fined $300 a day until his yard signage is brought up to code. Early said he is being fined because city officials don’t agree with his personal political beliefs.

Democrats have a track record of attempting to preempt Trump. Democrats are fighting to remove Trump from the ballot in Minnesota, and harassing an advertiser that carried Trump banner ads in airplanes over a New Jersey beach.


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