Trump To Welfare Leeches: The Gravy Train is Over

During the Obama years, welfare and food stamps ballooned beyond all proportion because of Obama’s job killing economics policies and because of his removal of the work for benefits requirement.  President Donald Trump is about to reverse that trend.  Any able bodied person getting benefits will be required to work 20 hours a week or to be enrolled AND attending job training classes.

Naturally the old and the infirm are exempted from those rules.  The current estimate is that 6 million people will leave the public trough.  Of course liberals disagree.  They claim that people will die because of this.  If so many people are dying over Trump’s policies why am I able to walk down the street without tripping on the corpses?

During the Koch administration in New York City, he created a program called workfare.  An incredible number of people dropped out of the programs.  (But no dead bodies in the street.

In 2016, Georgia implemented a work program for benefits in just 3 counties, which was later expanded to 21.  The results are amazing.  A whopping 62% of recipients dropped out of the program.  But will people now starve?  Hardly.  People who work off the books or are self employed and deal in mostly or all cash and don’t show earnings will apply for benefits but they cannot do the 20 hours required by the program and they drop out.

 In what may be a smart move, the Trump budget proposal would take a page from successful state programs and apply it on a national basis to help many of the 44 million food stamp recipients find productive work that could move them to independence – while saving the government money.

What seems like a win-win will be characterized by opposition in Congress as proof that Republicans do not care about the poor and the minorities who make up the vast majority of those who rely on assistance for the barest of necessities.

Congress will again take up consider the budget when members return after the long Memorial Day weekend.

H/T US Herald


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