Trump Redecorates With Yet Another Historical Piece Causing Controversy

Long before President Donald Trump stepped onto the political scene, a 61-year-old veteran of guerrilla warfare in the American Revolution fought his way from the political trenches to the White House by drumming up anti-establishment fervor that swept the American populace.

This man was Andrew Jackson, and in 1829 he became America’s seventh president after having run an outsider’s campaign — much like Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign — that resonated strongly with the American people.



“One of the central themes of Jackson’s election, like Trump’s, was that a permanent political class had rooted itself in the nation’s capital and needed to be expunged,” The Daily Signal noted. “Many bureaucrats had spent their entire careers in Washington, D.C., despite, in many cases, their incompetence, corruption, and general uselessness.”


You can read more here The Daily Signal

E. Goldstein

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