Trump on Recount Efforts: Remember When People Told Me to Accept Results?

The Jill Stein campaign is pushing for recounts in three key states, and Hillary Clinton‘s campaign counsel said they would participate in the Wisconsin recount Stein already filed for.

Well, Donald Trump went on quite the tweet-storm about it this morning.

The argument made by Stein and some others is that they won’t know if there was anything awry in the vote results in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan unless they look. Stein also said she wants to ensure the integrity of the voting system.

The comments by Clinton’s campaign counsel make it clear they did not see “actionable evidence of hacking,” but “now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides.”

Kellyanne Conway has already leaped on this to call the Clinton camp “a pack of losers”, and Trump this morning pointed out how much criticism he got for possibly not accepting the results:

Article source - Mediaite
Article source – Mediaite

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