True To His Word, President Trump Donates Paycheck To Sharpsburg (Antietam) Battlefield

Remember When Donald Trump was first sworn into office and liberals claimed that he would destroy our National Parks Services by drastically cutting their budgets? Well, a new report has come out claiming that the President has donated his Presidential Paycheck to the Sharpsburg (Antietam) Battlefield. Sharpsburg was the single bloodiest day during the American Civil War and the first invasion of the north by General Lee.

According to The Washington Times:

President Trump donated the first few months of his White House salary to Antietam National Battlefield, the national park in Maryland that preserves the hallowed ground of the bloodiest day of the Civil War, the government said Wednesday.

Mr. Trump’s first quarter salary of $78,333 was matched by an anonymous donor who gave another $22,000, bringing the gift to $100,000, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said. The donation will restore a historic house on the battlefield and will help replace fencing.

“As both the Secretary of the Interior and a military veteran, I’m deeply honored and humbled to deliver the donation to Antietam National Battlefield on behalf of President Trump,” Mr. Zinke said. “The president’s donation will allow generations of Americans to learn about our history and heritage on this sacred site.”

Mr. Trump promised to forgo his salary as president, saying he would instead donate it to the federal government. Wednesday’s announcement marks the first installment of those donations.

True to his word, President Trump announced that he would not accept a paycheck as POTUS. What a wonderful decision he made. Our history needs to be preserved, especially the era of the Civil War which affected so many lives even to this day.

Source: The Washington Times



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