• May 28, 2024

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Launch Book Tour By Teasing White House Run [VIDEO]

 Trayvon Martin’s Parents Launch Book Tour By Teasing White House Run [VIDEO]

The parents of Trayvon Martin wrote a book about their experience, and announcing that they are interested in running for office at the beginning of their book tour Tuesday, according to USA Today.

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton announced they both are interested in running for office in an attempt to “be part of the change” they feel former President Barack Obama began when he entered the White House. The two believe that President Donald Trump will work to reverse any accomplishments made by the black community during Obama’s tenure.

“Since Trayvon’s death, we saw how divided the country is on these issues and we saw how the country can come together,” Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, told Capital Download, according to USA Today. “You have those that are for uniting the country and you have those that want to be apart. And what this new presidency does, it takes those that want to be apart and it puts them right in the position where they can say, ‘We’ll change the laws, and we’ll make it tougher.’”

Martin and Fulton announced their prospective run during an initial interview about their book tour hosted by USA Today’s “video newsmaker” series. Although they didn’t say what offices for which they planned to run, the two “change”-seekers did tell interviewers they were open to any level of government, including the White House. “There’s no limitations. I think once you embark on a journey, you don’t minimize your goals, you want to maximize your goals,” Martin added.

The announcement comes at a very powerful time. Black History month starts in February, but the launch also marks the fifth anniversary of Trayvon’s death.

The two assert that Trump could very easily make it easier for citizens and law enforcement officials to justify violence against members of the black community, citing Trump’s official statement about an “anti-police” atmosphere in the country as detrimental to black communities.

Fulton is no stranger to the national campaign scene. She campaigned heavily for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Florida, but ultimately was unable to convince a majority of black Floridians to come to the polls last November.

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in an altercation with George Zimmerman in Mt. Dora, Florida. The resulting national backlash fueled the “black lives matter” movement and launched several protests nationwide.


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