Transgender Activist: Straight Men Who Won’t Date Transgender Women “Not Normal”

Zinnia Jones, a transgender woman has come out and claimed that straight men who refuse to date a transgender women have a problem they need to work through.  It’s not enough that he or she is abnormal, now it demands that straight males turn gay so he can feel normal.

 Seems it’s not enough for transgenders to merely push for acceptance and force laws to change so they can use bathrooms that correspond to whatever gender they identify with. Hitting deeper, the new push has been to get people to speak transgenders’ preferred pronouns in conversations — or suffer shaming and backlash.

What could possibly be next, you might ask?

Well, one transgender activist insists that straight men who don’t desire transgender women simply have an issue they “should try to work through.”

In other words — according to Zinnia Jones of Orlando, Florida — straight men should be willing to be romantic with biological men who identify as women. And if not, as Jones gets into soon, they ought to be viewed as holding an odd opinion.

“Nobody has to be with anyone they don’t want,” Jones seems to hedge in Saturday’s Twitter thread, but then adds “AND it’s okay to have a baseline social norm of treating trans women as the women they are.”

From this point, Jones, a gender researcher, really digs in:

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  • I have no words as to how screwed up that line of thinking is. I could never imagine that the father of my children would have ever wanted to date a “woman” with a dick.

  • These people and their Immorality is trying to screw up the country but they are such freaks they can’t help but disgust us normal people. Face it people, your immoral way of life will never be accepted as normal.

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