• April 17, 2024

Top Chef Explodes Over Diners’ Ridiculous Food Allergy Demands, Do Not Tick Off The Chef! [PHOTOS]

 Top Chef Explodes Over Diners’ Ridiculous Food Allergy Demands, Do Not Tick Off The Chef! [PHOTOS]

A top Sydney chef exploded online after receiving a number of orders with ‘false’ allergies. Sydney’s Queen Chow head chef Patrick Friesen posted a photo to Instagram with 12 meal orders, all with supposed allergies.

A top Sydney chef has shared his frustrations with customers claiming to have food allergies (pictured) 

‘Can people with dietary requirements start knowing what you can and can’t eat?’ Friesen posted alongside a picture of people’s orders.

‘Shellfish allergy but loves oyster sauce,’ he said.

‘Gluten free but loves gluten as long as it’s not a piece of bread.

‘Vegetarians that love a chicken wing.

‘Pescatarians who eat chicken.’

Chef Patrick Friesen (pictured) is frustrated with diners claiming to have allergies which makes it difficult for people with real allergies to eat out

The head chef’s annoyed post received more than 700 likes and more than 70 comments from people agreeing with the ridiculous dietary requirements. With many diners announcing they had allergies, simply because they don’t like a certain food or are on a certain diet, the top chef said it makes a life difficult for people who actually suffer allergies.

Friesen has posted about customer order frustration online before, sharing high maintenance burger orders (pictured)

‘Sort your s*** out and let your waiter know,’ Friesen posted.

‘You make it real damn hard for people with actual allergies and dietaries to go out to eat.’

The chef shared his frustration (pictured) with vegetarians eating at the BBQ restaurant, saying it was selfish for them to demand so many dish changes

While the chef has posted about his recent frustrations with picky diner’s demands, it is not the first time the top chef has exploded online. In 2014, the Hong Kong street food inspired chef shared his frustration about one fussy eater’s high maintenance burger order.

The customer required the burger to be ‘well done, no tomato, lettuce, pickle, onion, sauce and mayo on side, tree nut and tomato allergy, cut in two’.

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