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Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate Tim Kaine Gets Bad News About His Son

 Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate Tim Kaine Gets Bad News About His Son


The youngest son of former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine was one of six people arrested on March 4 after a group of protesters interrupted a demonstration in favor of President Donald Trump.

Linwood Kaine, 24, and four others were taken into police custody on suspicion of second-degree riot during the “March 4 Trump” rally in St. Paul, Minnesota. A sixth person was arrested for disorderly conduct. They were later released without being charged, though an investigation is ongoing, according to the Pioneer Press.

Authorities say Linwood was one of 50 or so protesters who disrupted the pro-Trump rally, which took place at the Minnesota State Capitol. There were around 400 hundred people in attendance.

A smoke bomb reportedly went off during a speech, striking a 61-year-old woman in the head. She said she had been at the demonstration for 10 minutes when she saw an object flying in her direction. She was unable to move out of the way and was hit in the forehead, but was uninjured.

At one point a chemical irritant was allegedly sprayed into the crowd, causing people to scatter before the rally continued.

St. Paul Police spokesman Steve Linders said Linwood was among four protesters who set off fireworks inside the capitol building. It is not known whether Linwood actually lit any of the fireworks himself.

One of the event’s organizers, Elisa Sarmento, spoke to Pioneer Press about the altercation.

“All we wanted to do was just celebrate our president in our own country,” she said. “We have the freedom to do it and for those young kids to come … and disrupt and hurt people, that’s very disappointing.”

Linwood and the others were arrested down the street after fleeing the scene on foot. Linwood reportedly resisted arrest, causing the officer to use “some force” to subdue him.

“He turned around and squared up to fight with the officer,” Linders said. “The officer was able to place Mr. Kaine under arrest and take him to the Ramsey County jail for booking.”

Police were unaware that they had arrested Tim Kaine’s son until a Pioneer Press journalist brought it to their attention.

On March 7, after Linwood had been released from police custody, Senator Kaine gave a statement to the Pioneer Press in which he supported his son’s right to express himself responsibly.

“We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues,” he said. “They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.”

The senator has two other children with his wife, Anne Houlton. Their oldest son, Nat, is a Marine currently deployed overseas, while their only daughter, Anella, is a student in college, according to The Washington Post.

Photo credit: Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office


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