• May 25, 2024

Thugs Attempt Drive-By Shooting, Texas Homeowner Has Other Plans [WATCH]

 Thugs Attempt Drive-By Shooting, Texas Homeowner Has Other Plans [WATCH]

A Texas homeowner just demonstrated the proper way to deal with criminals.

In a Wild West-inspired gun duel, a Texas man was able to protect himself and his property from a group of thugs who opened fire on him late last Friday.

The thugs sped onto Glenburnie Drive in their Nissan Altima and opened fire on the Texas homeowner as he sat in his front yard.

The would-be murderers let loose over 40 rounds, but none of them hit their mark. The homeowner was ready for the assault, and returned fire at the speeding vehicle.

According to reporters, the Texas man was an avid shooter with a license to carry a concealed weapon. He regularly practiced marksmanship with his AR-15.

His practice ultimately paid off as the homeowner was able to successfully defend himself using his trusty AR-15 shooting all three men in the moving vehicle.

The criminal thugs only understood violence and the Texas homeowner beat them at their own game, proving the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Now injured, the Nissan driver swerved, colliding with a parked car. The three thugs exited the vehicle and approached on foot continuing the fire fight. The homeowner proved the better marksmen and stopped all three men before they could reach his property.

One of the men was neutralized immediately, while the others were rushed to the hospital. The second shooter was pronounced dead on arrival and the third is still receiving care in critical condition — before his lengthy stay in prison.

The homeowner was miraculously left completely unscathed. Police are investigating the shooting, but it is unlikely that the homeowner will be charged for the act of self-defense. This is, of course, one of the main reason why we have the Second Amendment — in order to protect ourselves. Yet liberals want to take our gun rights away because they shrivel at the mere sight of a firearm. I say they should just go to their safe spaces and leave the rest of us alone and free.

To me, this responsible homeowner proves what responsible gun control looks like. He controlled his aim and protected his life from a group of criminals. His family and neighborhood were kept safe.

Sources:  MadWorldNews


  • Good for him. Three down and a few thousand more to go. If only the thugs robbing, looting, burning and attacking our citizens could meet the same fate this terrorist attack in liberal cities would end with the thug element removed.


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