Throw Down At Waffle House: “If She Swipes On Me, She’s Gonna Die!”


Two employees at the Waffle House in Auburn, Ala., got into a all-out fight Sunday, allegedly over dirty dishes.

“(It) all happened so fast,” Robert Payne, a customer who witnessed the fight and captured the video on his cell phone, told news website

Payne said the argument started when one woman asked the other to move so she could scrub caked syrup off customers’ dirty plates. The brawl turns into punches, thrown dishes and a lot of hair-pulling. Eventually, one woman gets the upper hand as the pair grapples on the floor.

“Oh, I can let her go,” one of the women said after she pinned her rival. “But if I let her go, she swipes on me, she’s gonna die,” the woman said.

Another employee can be heard saying she would call 911. When police officers arrived, the fight had ended and no arrests were made, Capt. Lorenza Dorsey told

“The parties involved, however, do have the option to have the case reviewed and/or pursued in municipal court if either desires to do so,” Dorsey said.

“We are investigating this incident and will take the necessary appropriate actions,” a spokesman for Waffle House’s corporate headquarters said.


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