• April 18, 2024

This Rare Disease Leaves Woman Constantly Smelling of Decay [WATCH]

 This Rare Disease Leaves Woman Constantly Smelling of Decay [WATCH]

(Scroll down for video) A woman suffering from a rare disease in the United Kingdom, revealed that no matter how much she showers, she still smells of rotten fish or feces.

36-year-old Kelly Fidoe-White of Manchester, suffers from Trimethylaminuria, which causes those afflicted with the condition to smell like rotten fish, onions, or feces.Kelly, who is married to Michael, 45, said that no matter what she does, the smell just will not go away. Kelly has suffered from the fish odor syndrome- for most of her life.

In school, she was bullied because of her smell. Kelly’s body cannot break down certain food compounds, causing strong odors to be emitted through her sweat.

Kelly tries to avoid seafood because they smell even before going into her body. Michael and Kelly have been living together for 16 years despite the challenges posed by her condition.

Michael admitted that his wife’s smell affected him in a negative way, but he did not say anything to Kelly and just kept it to himself.

Kelly is grateful for Michael’s support. Kelly, who now works as a radiologist at the Royal Oldham Hospital, suffers anxiety as a result of bullying in her teens.

When she was young, she spent many hours in the shower, but washing herself did not help. She made her story public in order to help other people suffering from the fish odor syndrome.

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