This Man Shows 20 Muslims Sneaking Around On His Property Why He’s Called Destroyer [WATCH]

A group of Muslims tried to take over his property, but they did not realize Valev is a Bulgarian strongman.

Dinko “The Destroyer” Valev lives on the border of Bulgaria and Turkey in a town called Yambol, which is a common spot for illegals attempting to cross into Europe.

Armed with nothing more than his fists, Dinko patrols his property and the surrounding areas on the Bulgarian-Turkish border, chasing down Muslim border jumpers and performing citizen’s arrests before notifying Bulgarian police to come and take away the perpetrators. Recently, Dinko arrested 20 people and held them for police.

Valev explained the events, “Suddenly someone jumped out of the bushes in front of me,” he recalled. “I did not know he was a migrant at first. I stopped and got off the ATV to see what’s going on, he rushed me trying to take me down, possibly to steal the ATV.”

“The Destroyer” punched the illegal Muslim a couple of times and he went down. “I kicked him three times for good measure and he started yelling some ‘allah-mallah,’“ the Bulgarian explained, mockingly.

But, that wasn’t the end of it.

Soon, 11 more men came out of the woods, along with three women and a child.

“I fought the first three and put them on the ground bleeding. The others gave up after seeing that. One of them had a sharp object, maybe a screwdriver. I know English perfectly, I told them that if they do not lay on the ground immediately, I will kill one of them,” in translation from Shoebat.

When asked if the Muslims obeyed his orders, Valev responded, “Of course they did. Wouldn’t you?”

This homeland-loving Bulgarian has reportedly arrested at least 20 Muslim invaders and transferred them to police, according to Mad World News.

Article Sources: Mad World News

Video Credit: Youtube/zabavnaBULGARIA

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