This Boy Is Playing With A Very Unusual Friend [VIDEO]

In the port of Vueltas, Valle Gran Rey, round-lined piercings, eagle riots and butterfly breeches regularly come by. Vueltas is an old traditional port where fishing boats go out to the sea. Often, fish are excluded from the landing stage. The bycatch is also thrown into the sea during the entry into the harbor. This has led to the fact that the animals on the search for food again and again. A small boy (Joel) has made it his fun and together with his friends he especially lures a big lunge to the stairs and feeds him with fish. Slowly the whole is developing into a small morning spectacle.

Within the areas of the old fishing neighborhood of Vueltas, La Gomera, a young boy surprised animal lovers worldwide when he was filmed petting an unexpected animal – a stingray, of all species! And his name was Joel, now famous locally for befriending stingrays.

The town is a fishery port, which attracts these stingrays – apparently, they do not fear humans as they would willingly eat the by-catch thrown into the port by the local fishermen! Joel’s first moment with these magnificent creatures was when he went up to one and petted it – while it was feeding, and it didn’t seem to mind him at all!


Joe V.

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