There is a New Hashtag On Instagram, “Get Naked Worldwide” And It Is As NSFW As It Sounds


As Crave put it:

“A few months ago we told you folks about an Instagram called “Cheeky Exploits” that is all about NSFW butt selfies. But that’s not the only Instagram out there that is all about bare butts, and we are here to tell you about another one.

“Get Naked Worldwide” just features people traveling around the world and taking naked photos of themselves. Yep, that’s pretty much it. And that’s enough to reel in 28k followers because everyone likes to see this sort of thing. There’s not much else to say about this folks, so we might as well get into the fun and start looking at some gals that decided to submit some naked photos to this popular Instagram.
Have at it and enjoy.”

The ‘Get Naked Worldwide’ Instagram Is All About NSFW Fun

h/t Maxim

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