The Solution To Those Leg Cramps Is In Your Refrigerator [VIDEO]

The next time you find yourself suffering from leg cramps, you could find the salty solution in your refrigerator! It’s called “The Secret Elixir” by the BYU (Brigham Young University) football team and it will get rid of your leg cramps forever! Athletes and coaches are always looking to get an edge on the competition, and this special drink is said to give better results than conventional methods. You might be thinking this is some delicious and refreshing sports drink, but you’d be wrong! “Gross, disgusting, bad idea” just some choice words said by real BYU football players about their secret weapon: PICKLE JUICE!

The football coaches at BYU stumbled across this secret formula almost 10 years ago to help their athletes. The not-so-tasty drink has been scientifically reported to reduce the occurrence of leg cramps, a common setback among football players. The players are given 48 oz. of the secret drink at the start of each game and another 48 oz. at halftime. While the players don’t enjoy the actual drink, the results speak for themselves.

The logic behind this was that the liquid left in the pickle jar is incredibly salty and full of electrolytes. It’s believed that the vinegar in pickle juice triggers a reflex that alerts our brains to tell our muscles to stop contracting and relax, and the muscle cramping is reduced as soon as the vinegar touches receptors in the mouth. If it works for athletes, it’ll work for me!

Some claim there are other benefits to drinking pickle juice such as balancing the acids in your stomach, decreasing blood sugar spikes and even, if applied topically, soothing sunburn pain. The number of players with leg cramping during games has significantly reduced in the ten year span the team has used the drink. Find out what BYU players are using to get a leg up on the competition in the video below.

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