• April 15, 2024

The RNC’s Latest Ad Highlights How “Democrats Are In TOTAL DISARRAY”

 The RNC’s Latest Ad Highlights How “Democrats Are In TOTAL DISARRAY”

The Republican National Committee’s latest advertisement documents the growing admission among Democratic National Committee officials that serious problems are afoot in their party.

The clip, assembled from statements made as DNC delegates meet to select their new chair, emphasized concerns that the Democratic Party has become nonviable as it is currently constituted.

Our party is in an unprecedented crisis,” DNC Chair Candidate Ray Buckley said, reflecting a sentiment shared by many of his fellow candidates.

“In ninety years we haven’t been at this low level of representation,” added Peter Buttigieg, another chair hopeful.

Internal problem in the Democrats’ culture were openly confronted. “We have become insular and out-of-touch,” admitted Jehmu Greene.

“The culture of the DNC has been far too secretive,” echoed Tom Perez, Obama’s Secretary of Labor and a leading candidate for the top job at the Committee.

The theme of introspection continues, harping on disheartened feelings in the DNC. “We like to think of ourselves as the smart ones, but the reality is, we’ve been outclassed,” Buttigieg is quoted telling delegates.

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