The Internet Honors Flag Saving FedEx Guy With Epic PHOTOS

An Iowa FedEx driver captured national attention after rushing to extinguish an American flag set ablaze by protestors on Jan. 26.
Matt Uhrin ran to the flag with a fire extinguisher before getting into a fight at a protest against U.S. imperialism, as well as racial and social injustice, Iowa City Press Citizen reports.
While Uhrin has chosen not to comment — stating only that his actions do not reflect his employer — some are calling him a hero and condemning the protesters.
“Probably every one of them has a relative at one point or another that died for that,” onlooker Bob Guyer said of the flag. “That’s not free speech. Too many people have died for it.”


You can see the video in the article below the photos

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FedEx Driver Takes On Flag Burning Protester, Onlookers Cheer [WATCH]

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