The Disturbing Reason Why Chickens In America Are Washed With Chlorine And It’s Not Pretty [VIDEO]

The truth has been revealed why chickens farmed in America are washed with chlorine and it will make you cringe. Undercover footage reveals the conditions that chickens raised in America live in for their short and brutal lives.

According to Daily Mail:

The disturbing prospect of chlorine-washed chickens from the US going on sale in British shops in a post-Brexit trade deal last week sparked an explosive row at the heart of Government. But beyond the politics lies the story of why American poultry needs such drastic chemical treatment – and of the horrendous conditions at the farms where they are bred and reared.

Now whistleblower farmers have revealed the full horror of the suffering to The Mail on Sunday, including how:

Tens of thousands of super-sized ‘Frankenstein’ birds are crammed in vast warehouses. The chickens, which weigh up to 9lb, often buckle under their weight and must live without natural sunlight.

Chickens frequently die before they reach maturity and many are left covered in their own feces, turning warehouses into vile breeding grounds for disease. Unlike in the UK and Europe, there are no minimum space requirements for breeding chickens in the US. America also does not have any rules governing lighting levels in the sheds and, crucially, its farms have no maximum allowed level of ammonia, which indicates how much urine and fecal matter is present. This means there is no limit on how much can fester inside the sheds.

There is no legal requirement to wash US chickens in chlorine or other disinfectants, but 97 per cent of its birds are cleaned in this way after slaughter.

The possibility of US chickens being sold in Britain after a post-Brexit trade deal sparked a huge Cabinet row, with Environment Secretary Michael Gove speaking out against the move while Trade Secretary Liam Fox insisted the chlorine-rinsed meat was safe.

Dr. Fox, who met leading politicians and businessmen in the US last week, sparked fury from the public and other Ministers after he signaled he would be in favor of dropping the EU’s ban on importing chicken from the US if it proved to be a barrier to securing a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.

The furore exposed just how difficult it will be for Britain to quickly strike new deals with foreign powers once we leave the EU in 2019. Now whistleblowers have offered a disturbing insight into the £70 billion US poultry industry, which is controlled by the big agricultural firms lobbying to sell their meat to Britain.

North Carolina farmer Craig Watts, 51, told the MoS: ‘The birds are too heavy to stand because they have been bred for breast meat and nothing else so they spend their lives squatting. It’s like two toothpicks sticking out of a grape.

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