A Texas Student Is Facing Felony Charges For What He Did To A Teacher

 A Texas Student Is Facing Felony Charges For What He Did To A Teacher

A 16-year-old high school student in Central Texas is facing third-degree felony charges after urinating in his teacher’s cup of water, DallasNews reports.

The young man, who remains unnamed because of his age, is a student at Moody High School, which is located about 25 miles southwest of Waco, Texas. The student faces third-degree felony charges, including assault on a public servant, harassment of a public servant and obstruction or retaliation.

Moody police reportedly opened an investigation into the matter after getting a call from Moody ISD about a student who had urinated in a teacher’s cup on April 13, The Waco-Tribune Herald reports. The teacher reportedly didn’t realize the cup contained urine until after she took a sip.

“The juvenile was accused of urinating in a drinking cup that belonged to one of the teachers and she didn’t find out about it until after the fact,” Moody Police Chief Roger Kennedy told reporters. “She thinks she (ingested) it but she doesn’t know 100 percent, because according to her statement she made the comment that the water fountain always tastes funny.”

The school’s superintendent punished the student according to school code, and the young man was taken to McLennan County juvenile detention center.



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