Texas School District Passes Measure To Reinstate Corporal Punishment [VIDEO]

The board of trustees for a Texas school district has reinstated corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure.

According to CBS News, the Three Rivers Independent School District, located 75 miles outside of San Antonio, approved the measure last week.

With the decision, Three Rivers ISD joined 26 other districts that allow corporal punishment.
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According to KHOU-TV, corporal punishment would only be administered upon parental approval. Paddling would be administered by either a campus behavioral coordinator or the principal.

Students would receive one paddling for breaking a classroom rule.

“We think that corporal punishment should be a family decision, not a school decision,” superintendent Sheryl Moore told CBS. “We will provide the parent with all the information necessary regarding the situation so they can decide whether they think that’s appropriate. But that’s not something the school district wants to be involved in.”

After the ruling, parents sounded off on the KHOU-TV Facebook page, striking in on both sides of the argument.

“If parents would teach their children how to act right, they wouldn’t have to worry about they’re kid getting paddled at school. I say if you don’t want someone to teach your kids respect, DO IT YOURSELF!” one commenter wrote.

Another said, “Do a little research on kids who were spanked and see that they are much more likely to end up in prison than kids who were disciplined with other methods. Paddling has no place in any school or home.”

“If anyone ever touched my kid, I would beat them senseless. Nope, no way. I would pay for private school,” another commented.

How can a parent give permission to let someone instill punishment that the parent can’t even lawfully do? If you spank your child in public and someone calls authorities and videos it, then you, as a parent can be charged for child abuse. Personally, I say, if spankings are given (not beatings) while a child is young. Then that child starts a mindset of right and wrong. As they grow, other types of punishment continues to help them. Repercussions for doing something wrong can work wonders. Just got to follow through. Once they turn 18, it’s out of your hands and just hope for the best,” one mother wrote.

Article Sources: KJRH NewsCBS News

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Video Credit: ABC10/Youtube

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