Terry McAuliffe: We Lose 93 Million Americans a Day To Gun Violence [VIDEO]

OMG.  That means in the next four days America will cease to exist.  Who saw this coming?  Oh, if only we has passed sensible gun control.  Oh woe is me.  Ninety three million, huh?  maybe we should invest in funeral homes.  Of course it would be a short term investment.  What if Donald Trump had said this?  Or an anonymous source leaked it to CNN?

At a news conference on the shooting at a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe (D) called for gun control. McAuliffe called for more background checks and ending “gunshow loopholes.” McAuliffe said 93 million people are a victim of gun violence a day.

“This is not what today is about but there are too many guns on the street,” the governor said Wednesday morning. “We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.”

“It’s not just about politicians, we worry about all of our citizens,” he said.

“Why are you bringing it up? People are going to criticize that you are bringing up gun control at this time?” a reporter asked.

“I’m talking about it today. This is a very serious issue,” he replied.

McAuliffe repeated the 93 million number once more before he was corrected by reporters.

“With 93 million people a day it’s just something,” McAuliffe said before reporters jumped in.

“93 individuals a day,” McAuliffe corrected himself.

Of course he doesn’t tell you what’s included in that 93.  Suicides are counted.  If four thugs invade your home and you turn them to room temperature, that counts, too.  And if a policeman shoots a suspect like they did today, that also counts.  But how’s this for some numbers?  There were two good people with guns, but the only who died is the perp.

H/T Real Clear Politics

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