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TERRORISM Twisted Message Shows ISIS Urging “Brothers” To Wage War On The West After Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

 TERRORISM Twisted Message Shows ISIS Urging “Brothers” To Wage War On The West After Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

A man mowed down a group of Muslims who were worshiping near a north London mosque and this incident was allegedly taken advantage by the ISIS supporters to wage war against the west.

Eleven people were taken to hospital after a man believed to be Darren Osborne, 47, from Cardiff, drove into worshipers near the Muslim Welfare House mosque.

Witnesses have described hearing the driver shout “I’m going to kill Muslims” and, after mowing down the victims, “Kill me, I have done my job”.

As dozens of police officers and medics rushed to the scene while the driver was wrestled to the ground and detained by witnesses until the police arrived.

The suspect was could have been killed through beating but amid the chaos as injured people lay on the floor, an imam protected the driver of the hired van to be handed over to the police, telling a crowd: “Do not touch him.”

Witness Hussain Ali, 28, said: “All I heard was a banging, then I turned and saw all the shouting and running.

“I saw people taking a man from underneath the van, he was black, bleeding, he was not dead, he was alive.

“There was a man in a wheelchair, a man underneath the van, it was hell.”

“It was panic, people were shouting, screaming, some saying it was an accident. It was panic, it was horror”, he added.

Makram Ali, 51, who had collapsed before the attack, died at the scene. Police are still investigating whether his death was linked to the incident. Many of the injured had rushed to help Ali.

Mohamed Maslah, 51 said his nephew Hamdi al-Faiq was on the phone to the emergency services about Ali when he was caught up in the attack.

“At that point the van struck and dragged three of them to the wall,” he told the Mail Online. “They were stuck under the van, 45 people lifted the van to help get them out. Hamdi is still in a very bad condition.

“I along with Hamdi’s wife, Amal Ali, was allowed to see him in hospital. He had oxygen in his mouth but has been told he needs another operation on his pelvis.”

The suspect in the Finsbury Park terrorist attack is believed to have been self-radicalised into his extremist hatred of Muslims, it is understood by the authorities.

The attacker is believed to have acted alone rather than as part of a group when he struck near a mosque in Finsbury Park, north London.

Evidence indicates the attack was premeditated, and not a spontaneous decision.

Investigators are looking closely at each part of what was needed for the attack, as they decide on lines of inquiry and what charges may be brought.

The suspect’s mental health is also considered as a part of the investigation process.

Osborne was arrested for attempted murder and later arrested under terrorism legislation, on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of terrorism, and for murder.

He is now behiind bars and there was no application for bail and Osborne was remanded in custody by Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC.

He will next appear at the same court on July 20 for another preliminary hearing.

Because of this incident, more conflicts arise as ISIS fanatics taking advantage of the situation and using Finsbury Park terror attack to urge further atrocities against the West.

There was a message allegedly sent by a pro-ISIS supporter emerged on Twitter which ugres the advocates to “wake up” to “war starting in your own streets”.


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