Tennessee Politican Wants To Rename Nashville Airport…..OPRAH INTERNATIONAL?

I have done a lot of flying and as such I have passed through a heck of a lot of airports that have been names after people.

The thing about it is, people having an airport named after them means about as much to the people in the airport as where the water fountain is near their departure gate

Hate to break the truth to everyone, but nobody exactly sits and marvels at the fact why O’Hare in Chicago is named O’Hare. However, it is always kinda cool to have something named after you regardless.

That being said, there are requirements to why certain things are named after certain people. You might have a wing of a hospital that is named after a wealthy donor for example, or a rec center named after a local public figure.

Last I checked you had to possess certain qualities to have an airport named after you and as of right now Oprah Winfrey doesn’t exactly fit any of them.

From Breitbart:

A councilwoman for the city of Nashville is seeking to name Nashville International Airport after billionaire media mogul Oprah Winfrey, pleading with the mayor to hear her proposal.

Metro Council Member Sharon Hurt is petitioning Nashville Mayor David Briley to rename the airport after Nashville International Airport officials pushed back on her proposal, which she first pitched to the board on November 5, the Tennessean reported Tuesday.

“It’s Oprah. Nashville is in a very unique position to be able to offer that type of recognition to someone that’s very deserving,” Hurt told the Tennessean. “I think it’s a grand opportunity for us to recognize someone of Oprah’s stature.”

Oprah had attended college at Tennessee State University, spent her high school years at East High School, and began her career in Nashville more than 40 years ago.

But the members of the airport’s advisory board say the 64-year-old media mogul does not qualify to have an airport named after her.

The board cited a policy that says individuals only qualify for the honor if they have been dead for at least two years and if they “have made a substantial contribution” to the field of aviation in Nashville or throughout the world.


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