Teen Starts GoFundMe Page After Claiming Parents Cut Her Off For Dating Black Man, Internet Responds [PHOTO]

You can’t choose who your parents are, but you should be able to choose who you fall in love with even if your parents don’t agree with your choice. High school senior Kearsten Holley learned a terrible truth after revealing to her parents a picture of who she was dating.

Color doesn't matter ,College does by Kearsten Holley - GoFundMe

A Nassau County teen is raising money for college after she says her parents cut her off for dating a black man. Kearsten Holley, of Hilliard, created a GoFundMe account titled, “Color doesn’t matter, college does.”

She says on the page that her parents cut her off because she began seeing a boy of a different race, and they didn’t approve.

“Why? I will never be able to comprehend or see behind their beliefs on that,” she wrote. “I am 18 years old and my parents no longer support me, my future or anything I do because I choose to be with him.”

Holley said on Facebook that she got a scholarship to play softball at St. Johns River State College, but it won’t cover all of her expenses.

“Because of me not believing that my romantic interests is inferior due to his skin color, I will struggle going to college,” Holley said.

Several people who commented on the GoFundMe page she shared on Facebook said she is going to have to get a job.

While it is a terrible thing that her parents would judge based on the color of her chosen boyfriends skin, to expect others to pay for her just shows how today’s youth feels so entitled. You do not deserve to be given money just because, you have to earn your keep one way or another and it’s wrong to ask of others hard earned money to support you. College is a time to buckle down and work hard, not be given hand outs. What do you think?

Source: Fox 23

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