• June 15, 2024

Teen Notices Disturbing Item in Shorts, Now Pic of What She Found Is Going Viral [PHOTOS]

 Teen Notices Disturbing Item in Shorts, Now Pic of What She Found Is Going Viral [PHOTOS]

People come in all shapes and sizes. Some people are naturally tiny while others may be larger. But thanks to society’s pressure to be thin, not everyone feels comfortable in their own skin. Not only do we see size 2 models everywhere in the media, but now it looks like clothing stores are adding pressure to be thin.

Missy Rogers, a marine biology student at Jackson University, found herself in that predicament earlier this week.

She went to an American Eagle and tried on a pair of shorts in a size 4, the size of the AE shorts she bought two years ago. But she could barely slide them up her thighs.

She decided to compare her old pair of American Eagle shorts with her new pair and found something quite disturbing.

Based on this image, the size 4 from two years ago, and the size 10 now, are pretty much the same width.

She took to Facebook to share the image and unveil the whole “sizing” fallacy that tears down girls’ and women’s self esteem.

“My first impression when going into the store and trying on the size 4 (as I had in the past) was disheartening as I could not even get them past my knees,” she wrote. “Having to go up to a size 10 made me question just how much weight I gained, but once I brought the shorts home and compared, I realized that size is literally just a number.”
She explained that size is but a number, and the fact that these two sizes can look practically the same testified to that.

“In women’s clothing, you can be a size 0 in one store and a size 12 in another. You can try on the same clothes in a different color and be another size…. The point is, we should feel confident in our own skin and in what we wear.” she wrote.

American Eagle’s Global Brand President Chad Kessler,provided Revelist with the following statement:

“We agree fully with Missy that women are so much more than numbers, which is why we are so strongly committed to body positivity. Like every retailer, we strive for consistency and clarity to help our customers make decisions. We’ve reached out to Missy to get her feedback on her shopping experience and look forward to engaging in a discussion around this important issue.”

Still, they did not address why the shorts appear to be the exact same waist width.

So far her post has gotten over 72.000 shares — and tons of support.

Sources: conservativetribune.commetro.co.uk

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