Teen Dad Filmed Abandoning Infant Son In Mall Parking Lot [RAW VIDEO]

What kind of a monster would ever abandon their child in a parking lot? Fortunately for this baby, the incident was caught on security footage and was found safe and sound by a barber just a couple of minutes after the incident.

According to Daily Mail:

Daniel Mitchell, 18, was captured by surveillance cameras pulling in to a parking space at Sunset Shopping Center in Siusun City, California in his gray Toyota shortly after 3pm. He was filmed coming to a stop then getting out of the driver’s seat to retrieve his son, who was in his car seat, from the back.

Mitchell calmly placed the seat next to the car then drove away. A barber who was working nearby spotted the car seat afterward and rescued the baby just two minutes later.

He called police and the infant was taken to hospital where doctors said that he is currently in a critical condition on Tuesday. However, doctors did not elaborate why his health was in such a precarious state. Erick Keeton, the barber who rescued him, said the boy appeared to be in a good condition when he found him.

Mitchell placed the car seat on the ground then drove away, leaving the boy in the sun 

‘I noticed he had his binky, he was wrapped up in a blanket,” Keeton said. “He had a diaper on and he appeared to be fine.

‘His tongue was a little white, maybe like he just had a bottle recently,’ he told KCRA.

Mitchell was arrested after crashing his car nearby and attempting to flee the scene. Once in custody, authorities pieced together that he was the abandoned baby’s father.

The baby is in a critical condition in hospital. He is pictured with his father on the day he was born (left). Mitchell faces five charges. They are felony hit-and-run (for the car crash after left the baby at the mall), child endangerment, child abandonment, committing a felony while on bail and possession of suspected cocaine

The teenager was on bail for burglary at the time of the incident. The boy’s mother, Mitchell’s wife, was unaware of his plans and is not facing any charges. On Tuesday, she asked friends to ‘pray for my son’ as he recovered in hospital. The infant was born on July 10. His father lists his profession as a cashier at the clothing store Hollister on social media.

The man was charged with felony hit-and-run, child endangerment, child abandonment, committing a crime while out on bail, and possession of cocaine. It’s safe to say he won’t be going anywhere for a very long time.


Source: DailyMail

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