Take A Good Look And See If You Can Spot What Is Different About Obama [Photo]

Former President Barack Obama’s hair has turned grayer since leaving office, his latest vacation pictures indicate.

While his hair had gotten progressively grayer in the eight years he was in the White House, the steel-gray color has notably taken over his head since stepping down as president.

Some say Obama may have gone natural after using a product to cover gray hair while he was in office. Or, that it’s the result an illusion stemming from the sun catching the light of the gray hairs more. Recent pictures show him soaking up the sun in the tropics.

The former president and first lady have visited several tropical destinations, but observers are asking if the warm salt water and sunshine are having a physical impact on the former president.

Or, the gray hair could be from the stress of always being under surveillance by the Secret Service while they are in the water, on the beach or anywhere else. The Inquisitr wonders if the stress is finally catching up with the former president.

Recent pictures have emerged of the former first couple enjoying water activities at an island resort in French Polynesia, Travel and Leisure magazine reported, which published pictures taken by locals.

The couple was pictured heading out on a boat in the Tahitian resort as well as paddle boarding just off of a tropical island.

Local media sources described the retired politician as looking “relaxed.”

The pictures also confirmed the presence of Secret Service agents, which has some questioning whether Michelle or Barack can relax in a dream destination with so many people following them.

A picture showing Barack coming up a boat ladder from the water has him getting on the deck of the vessel filled with Secret Service agents and boat staff.

Observers note the former president is surrounded by people no matter where he goes.

The entourage is rarely photographed in typical media pictures of the former president and first lady. They’re often also followed by a crowd of curious onlookers.

These pictures lend a more realistic view of what a vacation for the most prominent of U.S. politicians is like.

At one point, witnesses say, the Obamas headed out for a small boat water excursion but were surrounded by other boats that held members of the security detail. The couple is not allowed to be in public alone.

Others say the couple is used to the security and onlookers and point to the retirement the two will have as a result of having lived in the White House.

According to Publishers Weekly, both Michelle and Obama are in the process of writing their memoirs for a reported sum of $65 million.

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