Taekwondo Teen Breaks 90 Concrete Slabs With Head in 25 Seconds [VIDEO]

A Bosnian teen attempted successfully to set a new world record by breaking 90 slabs of concrete with his head in 25 seconds.  He uses a break and roll maneuver and breaks stacks of the slabs at a time.  I’d hhate to have his aspirin bill.

 This is the incredible moment a budding martial arts champion making to smash 90 concrete slabs in under 25 seconds – using his head.

Kerim Ahmedspahic, a Bosnian taekwondo expert took part in an attempt to set a new world record this weekend in Austria.

In the unusual clip, the champ somersaults into each pile of slabs and headbutts them hard, driving a crack down the middle.

The cameraman claimed that the feat was a new Guinness World Record.

The 55-second clip begins with the young man, dressed in traditional martial arts clothing, psyching himself up before launching his bid.

The event appeared to take place in a gravelled courtyard as a group of supporters hopefully watched on.

Then around 22-seconds he, he leaps into action – jumping and twisting into the air before his head perfectly lands on the first set of concrete blocks, which snap immediately in half.

He lands on his feet before repeating the move on the second set of slabs.

He repeats the move a further ten times to the amazement of those cheering him on.

Finally when he finishes, he is overjoyed with the result and hi-fives a man who appears to be his coach.
The video was shared online where it quickly racked up a number of views.

Impressed viewers were impressed with his attempt and wondered how he’d managed not to hurt his head.

H/T The Mail Online


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