Students Caught Climbing Through Ceiling Duct To Steal Copy Of Upcoming Exam From Professor’s Office [VIDEO]

Students were busted after climbing into a professor’s office to steal a copy of an upcoming statistics exam so they can get a good grade when taking it the next day.

One of the University of Kentucky students climbed through the duct and got into the building before letting the other student in so that they can steal the exam.

The students were identified as Henry Lynch II, Troy Kiphuth, both 21.

The incident unfolded at 2:00 a.m. in Louisville. Due to their bad luck, the professor was working late.

The professor had stepped out of his office shortly before the students arrived, and when he returned, he found them inside her office.

Police were called and the students were arrested. They were both charged with third-degree burglary.

Police said that Lynch, a biosystems engineering major, admitted that he stole an exam earlier in the year and he said that he tried to steal the exam hours before he was caught, but he was unable to find it at that time.

The university said that they will conduct their own investigation to determine what punishment the students will face at school.

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