• June 12, 2024

State Senator Allegedly Sexually Assaulted An Uber Driver [VIDEO]

 State Senator Allegedly Sexually Assaulted An Uber Driver [VIDEO]

An Oklahoma state senator is currently under a criminal investigation as an Oklahoma City-based Uber driver said she was grabbed and kissed by her passenger, who was identified to be Senator Bryce Marlatt, R- Woodward who was in Oklahoma City for his grandfather’s funeral.

Senator Marlatt’s attorney said the lawmaker is genuinely surprised at the accusations made against him. He also confirmed the Senator was contacted by Uber last week regarding the said assault.

According to investigations, the assault was reported to Oklahoma City police on June 28, but it had happened two days earlier. The female Uber driver approached an officer at an On Cue store to report the incident. The police report states the driver was traveling on the Lake Hefner Parkway when the male passenger grabbed her.

“While they were driving, he was sitting directly behind her,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Apparently, he reached up and forcefully began kissing her on the neck. She made it very clear to him the advances were not welcome.”

After that incident, the driver told police she dropped the passenger off at a hotel on Northwest Expressway and then took him to the Pump Bar in Midtown.

The authorities said it is an active investigation, but the Uber driver and Marlatt wasn’t named in the reports.

“Both the victim’s and the suspect’s names are being withheld at this time,” said Knight. “There have been no arrests and no charges filed and no warrant issued.”

Marlatt’s attorney said the Senator has not been contacted by police but looks forward to cooperating, to get to the bottom of this.

Source: CBS News

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