• June 25, 2024

Socialized Medicine Has Sentenced A Baby To Death. Now, President Trump Is Stepping In [VIDEO]

 Socialized Medicine Has Sentenced A Baby To Death. Now, President Trump Is Stepping In [VIDEO]

In the middle of the controversy against Donald Trump use of social media comes a very powerful story after he tweeted support to little Charlie Gard of UK.

As IJR previously reported, Charlie was born with a rare genetic disorder called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. The condition leads to organ malfunction and brain damage. After diagnosis, doctors gave Charlie a death prognosis. His parents decided to fight anyway.

Upon identifying an experimental treatment in the U.S., which could save Charlie, and getting doctors to agree to perform it, Charlie’s parents started a movement and raised $1.6 million to fund their last hope to save their child. Then, a bureaucratic tragedy struck.

The hospital refused to release Charlie. His parents fought and lost in court. They appealed and lost again in a final decision that sentences the 10-month-old baby to death, ignoring the desperate pleas of his parents and foregoing a potentially life-saving procedure.

The ordeal has played out in real time over social media as the agony of the family has been felt across the globe.

Monday, we learned that Charlie’s case has reached the most powerful office in the world. President Donald Trump tweeted support of the infant today, marking the first time the president has weighed in on the situation. Trump offered to “help” in any way that he could, citing the Pope, who has done the same.

The move may be ceremonial, as there is no indication that the European courts can be overruled, but the show of solidarity from the president could potentially affect the perilous state of the infant, as the U.S. is the only location the potentially life-saving procedure could be performed. While the outcome is unsure as of now, the response online to the president’s offer has been positive:

What we do know is that the beleaguered parents of Charlie, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, are ecstatic about gaining Trump’s support:

Perhaps, there is still hope for Charlie.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, BBC

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