Slimed! Truck Full Of Live Hag Fish Spills Across Highway, Just Imagine The Smell…[VIDEO]

An unusual cleanup effort took place on Highway 101 when a truck full of Hag Fish crashed spilled creating one of the worst messes you could ever imagine. Luckily nobody was hurt but some cars were completely destroyed.

State Police joked ‘Cleanup on aisle 101’ on Twitter, adding: ‘In this heat… what is this going to start smelling like in the next few days?’

What is it with seafood spills this year? Crates of live lobster were spilled a couple of months ago. And now… 7500 pounds, or $200,000 worth of hagfish?

Hagfish use the slime as a protective mechanism. One can only imagine how bad the smell must have been and it won’t be an easy cleanup process.

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