SICK: Nurse Caught Swapping Patients Meds With Water To Feed Her Hateful Addiction…

An Oklahoma nurse is facing felony charges after admitting to substituting water for patients’ medications.

According to police, she utilized the prescription to feed her own addiction.

Rebecca Holloway, a nurse at Mercy Hospital in Ardmore, accepted a plea bargain in August and admitted to stealing fentanyl.

KOCO News 5 ABC:

An Oklahoma nurse faces felony charges after she admitted to swapping out patients’ pain medications with water.

Rebecca Holloway worked as a nurse at Mercy Hospital in Ardmore, but she’s now behind bars after police said she stole the medication for her own use for several weeks.

“We will probably never know for sure how many patients, but there were certain numerous patients in her care at the ICU unit that were prescribed fentanyl,” Mark Woodward, with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, said.

In a plea deal in August, Holloway confessed to stealing patients’ prescribed fentanyl.

“During the course of her shift with these patients, she would take syringes and extract the fentanyl out of these vials and it would appear she went in the patient’s bathroom and injected it herself to feed her addiction,” Woodward said.

Instead of the recommended medication, patients were given tap water. Given her unusual behavior, her coworkers requested that state and federal officials investigate what she was doing.

They confirmed Nurse Holloway’s fentanyl theft.

“Rebecca Holloway was a nurse in Ardmore but is now behind bars. Police say she stole medication for her own personal use for several weeks.”

A quick execution would make me feel better. I can’t image how much physical pain the patients and their families were going through. Even with strong medicines, your loved one may continue to cry in anguish.

It irritates me to think that this might happen anywhere.

Sassy Liberty

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