SICK: Hospitals Now Saying They Will Refuse Lifesaving Treatment To Unvaxxed!

There have been discussions for years that there would be death panels deciding what sort of procedures people would be able to receive and we were laughed at and called “crackpots” and “conspiracy theorists”.

Well, again those who predicted this coming to America have been vindicated after a report of an unvaccinated woman was denied a life-saving treatment based on her vaccinated status.

Last month, Leilani Lutali received a letter from the University of Colorado Health, informing her that her status on the waiting list for a kidney transplant was “inactivated” for “non-compliance” because she has chosen not to take the jab.

Lutali was given 30 days to take the shot, or else she would be removed from the transplant list completely.

Lutali who is in stage 5 renal failure, was informed by the hospital in August that she wouldn’t need to be vaccinated to get her new kidney and was only made aware of the hospital’s new segregation policy when she received her letter in the mail – and only AFTER she was able to find a donor she knew who was willing to give her a kidney.

CBS4 Denver spoke with Lutali about the hospital’s policy and their reasoning behind foregoing the rushed vaccine, which she says has “too many unknowns.”

“I said I’ll sign a medical waiver. I have to sign a waiver anyway for the transplant itself, releasing them from anything that could possibly go wrong.

It’s surgery, it’s invasive. I sign a waiver for my life. I’m not sure why I can’t sign a waiver for the Covid shot.”

They also spoke with her donor – Jaimee Fougner – who was outraged that the hospital could decide not to operate when there is a kidney available that will save her friend’s life.

As Lutali, Fougner is also not vaccinated.

“It’s your choice on what treatment you have. In Leilani’s case, the choice has been taken from her. Her life has now been held hostage because of this mandate. 

Here I am, willing to be a direct donor to her. It does not affect any other patient on the transplant list. How can I sit here and allow them to murder my friend when I’ve got a perfectly good kidney and can save her life?”

The University of Colorado Health (UCHealth), has dug in their heels even more saying that they made the changes because transplant patients are 20% more likely to die if they catch Covid-19.

Well, that would make sense if the vaccine did actually work and it also prevented breakthrough infections.

The vaccine does not protect against breakthrough infections nor does it provide anyone immunity (just check the CDC’s updated definition).

If someone has to get a booster shot every few months or so does that mean that it really is working?

Also, why are people being forced to receive care if they do not want it?

If these doctors have the vaccine then what risk do these unvaccinated people pose to their health?

Now, Lutali has to search for a new doctor to perform the procedure but cannot find anyone in the state of Colorado at all.

Not one place will perform this life-saving surgery based on her vaccinate status and that is criminal in most anyone’s opinion.

She is now searching for a provider out of the state and I pray that she is able to find someone who can help her considering that so many hospitals are now taking this absurd stance.

How many others will die due to this murderous mandate?

The powers that be stated that if they could just save one life it would be all worth it, but do they really mean that?

If they did mean this, then they would deny anyone a procedure that would save their life based on their vaccine status.

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