She Wouldn’t Sign An NDA, And They Wouldn’t Let Her Visit Her Child’s School…

A Texas mother claims her child’s public school required her to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to visit the school, which she refused.

Buckle up, cause this is just wild!

According to the New York Post, Amber Longacre attempted to visit Kitty Hawk Middle School, a school not far from San Antonio, on August 15.

Several school staff members and the school resource officer approached her. They asked her to sign an NDA, a legal agreement designed to prevent sensitive information from being released, according to Longacre. According to her lawyer, she could not attend the school to discuss signing the paperwork.

“They were like, ‘Just sign it. What’s the big deal. Just sign it,’” attorney Janelle Davis told the Post.

Ultimately, Longacre refused to sign the NDA.

“There is no way to know how many parents signed the NDA without asking any questions,” Longacre told the outlet. “I shared my story because I want to encourage other parents to speak up when something seems off.”

Longacre also stated that she felt “backed into a corner” and that the school was withholding information from her.

Longacre documented a meeting with Assistant Superintendent of Operations Joseph Guidry following the event. According to video footage obtained by the Daily Caller, Guidry initially claimed that the NDA was in place to safeguard children, but he did not explain how or why the NDA was in place, or why the identical document showed on the check-in kiosks at the administration building.

Longacre filed a complaint with the Judson Independent School District about the NDA.

“Texas law is clear that parents are to ‘be encouraged to actively participate in creating and implementing educational programs for their children,’” reads the complaint. “Unfortunately, it appears that Judson ISD has implemented a visitor check-in policy that is inconsistent with this state mandate.”

One week after the incident with Longacre, on August 22, the school district informed Longacre that the NDA was no longer required for check-in, claiming that it was a default document in the visitor system. Longacre’s attorney stated that she is no longer contemplating legal action after the district notified her that the NDA had been deleted and agreed to invalidate any earlier NDAs signed by parents.

“I am grateful that Judson ISD recognized the error and removed the non-disclosure agreement from their visitor management system, and look forward to a good school year,” Longacre said.

Transparency in public schools has become a hot-button topic for parents in recent years, particularly since remote learning during the pandemic provided parents with access to their children’s classes.

Parents across the country have raised concerns about their children’s schools allegedly concealing information about sexually explicit curriculum and school library content, as well as schools supporting children’s new gender identities without parental consent, which can sometimes include biological boys using the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms.

Last year, Texas women in Fort Worth were paid more than $1,200 to view the K-12 curriculum book lists of the public school district, prompting one of the mothers to file a complaint.

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