She Goes On Antiques Road Show, Leads To Her Shouting, ‘That Is Unbelievable’

The television show, Antiques Roadshow, is widely known for shocking people with the appraised value of their antique belongings. That shock could be taken in both directions as some may feel disappointed in an item that they had suspected was valued at a higher price and others may discover that their item is worth a lot more than they thought. While shocking reactions are fairly common on the show, one woman’s recent reaction had her in tears when she learned that high value of a family necklace.

The appraiser, Geoffrey Munn, starts out by informing the owner that the bracelet, which was described as an opulent diamond and slinky platinum bracelet that was inherited by her mother-in-law, is in great condition. He goes on to say that if someone saw that bracelet in a store, they would have to pay 150 thousand pounds for it. Instantly following his statement, you can hear the crowd ooh and ahh over the high number.

But it is the owner’s reaction that really makes the episode a keeper. “Oh my God, thank you. That is unbelievable,” she says between tears. Munn goes on to say that she is going to make him cry too. She is speechless but when she does speak again she says…”Could by a Bentley now,” with a little giggle.

The owner of the bracelet shared a bit about what she knew about the background of the bracelet. It was purchased by her mother-in-law’s husband, and while she isn’t 100% sure, she believes that it may have been bought at an auction. He had done a lot of traveling so it is suspected that he purchased somewhere during his travels.

Before revealing the value amount of the bracelet, Munn said…

“Well I have no idea about the age of everybody in the family but I think there is another ghost here. And I think this is a ghost of a marvelous lady living in the Art Deco style with a silk dress – perhaps with a geometric pattern with it. “This was bought for sheer pleasure to wear at some fantastic reception in Paris in 1927… We can give this the label that is often misused – of being Art Deco – and implies it is made between 1927 and the early 1930s.”

Munn informed the woman that the bracelet is a progression of design that is seen in pieces that are in the greatest jewelry houses in the world. While he couldn’t pinpoint the actual designer of the jewelry, he did emphasize that value in the masterpiece and referred to it as a Chinese work of art.

He also came to the conclusion that a bracelet of its nature was never seen again following the Second World War.

It would be interesting to find out if the woman’s mother-in-law had any idea that the bracelet was valued so high. If she had, she must’ve really loved her daughter-in-law. A good lesson is to always find out the value of something that you are questioning, because who knows…you may be driving a Bentley soon because of a rare discovery in your jewelry box or your attic.


Rafael Smith

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