• May 28, 2024

Self Described Satanist Teen, Hacks Family To Death With Axe

 Self Described Satanist Teen, Hacks Family To Death With Axe

TAMBOV, RUSSIA – A 17-year-old in Russia has been accused of using an axe to hack up his father, grandmother and sister inside their home.

As reported by DreaminDemon

The teen, Alexander Kireev, murdered his father Victor, 43, his sister Victoria, 14, and his grandmother Vera, 67. All of the victims were found in their home suffering from multiple axe wounds.

Victoria and Vera were already dead by time police found them, but Victor was still alive. He would die from his injuries after being taken to the hospital.

Some news outlets are reporting the family were murdered in their beds, alongside the same picture of a blood-soaked bed, but a Russian news outlet says the family were attacked during a heated argument, and that Alexander threw the axe into his sister’s head as she tried to run away.

According to friends and neighbors of the family, the teen has been suffering from depression ever since his mother died from cancer three years ago, and did not like his father’s new girlfriend. They say Alexander had become more withdrawn lately, and was describing himself as a Satanist.

“He said that he is a Satanist, death to God and so on,” a friend of Kireev said. “He said that God has betrayed him and that he is disappointed with him.”

While the whole “Devil made me do it” motive makes good headlines, the true catalyst for the brutal murders may have been something more plausible — money. The teen had argued with his family over the money he was spending in an online casino, and the family had recently refused to let him borrow around $3500.

Alexander is currently in custody and murder charges are expected to be filed against him. Just a heads up, a lot of the details in this article were pieced together from various news sites, so I’m not sure how accurate any of it is.


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