Security Footage Reveals Moment Unattended Toddler’s Swim Ring Flips in Pool And Trapping Him [VIDEO]

We all know how quickly toddlers can get into trouble. Within a few seconds, huge messes can be made or fragile items with big price tags can be broken by the smallest person in the room.

Thankfully, messes can be cleaned. Items can be replaced.

Nothing can replace the very life of a child. Unfortunately, it takes just a few seconds for children to get in extremely dangerous situations.

Children are especially vulnerable around water. A swimming center in eastern China was reminded of this troubling truth.

The terrifying incident took place at Leyou Baobei swimming center. Leyou Baobei translates to “the happy swimming baby.”

Unfortunately, a toddler’s experience there was anything but happy. CCTV captured what happened when the toddler was left unattended in a pool.

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