School Tells Girl To Stop Being A Weirdo If She Doesn’t Want To Be Bullied, She Takes Drastic Actions [VIDEO]

A girl being bullied in school attempted to commit suicide, thankfully, she did not succeed.

“I wanted to die. I wanted to leave this world and never come back.”

She said kids beat her up, sexually harassed her, and even encouraged her to jump off a cliff.

Instead of protecting her, like they should have, her school principal blamed her.

“If Tayla’s going to do unusual things, she’s gonna get picked on.”

Instead of trying to stop the bullying by going after her attackers, the school placed Tayla in an isolated safe room, making her feel even more alienated.

“I didn’t like being isolated. I just wanted to play and have people leave me alone,” explained Tayla, adding it felt like a “prison.”

Tayla got so desperate, she resorted to seeking help via a petition titled “School bullying is killing me.”

“I only beg for you to please sign my petition to ask Dysart State High School to take a stronger stance against bullying and for the government to stop the school getting away with this,” she wrote on the petition, which went viral and captured international media attention in June.

But after the hype died down, things actually got worse for Tayla.

In response to her petition, the bullying intensified, leading Tayla to try killing herself.

At one point, child services were forced to intervene. When they got in the mix, they found the bullying so severe that they recommended Tayla not only leave the school but move out of town as well.

“I would like to see better policies from the education minister about bullying,” said Kali. “They may be just kids but the tactics they’re using are seriously damaging.”

A National Center for Biotechnology Information global survey reveals bullying is a worldwide problem.

“Countries throughout the world have identified bullying as a leading adolescent health concern,” according to the study.

She is doing better now, but her family cannot forget what happened to her. She and her mother continue to fight for others who are being bullied.

To all of those adults out there that think it’s ‘cool’ to pick on a helpless kid…just understand that your words speak volumes. Things you say can really influence a child’s life.


Sean Maddox

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