School Allows Transgenders into Girls’ Locker Rooms, Trans Student Celebrates, Girl Fights Tears [WATCH]

Prepare to be seven ways of pissed off. Below is a video of a transgender girl (A BOY!!!) celebrating that he’ll get access to the girls locker room. And thus, but not admitted, will see girls undressing. Not celebrating but fighting tears is a female student who just had her privacy violated by adults who are supposed to protect her, all to cater to a boy.

From Daily Herald near Chicago:

While privacy stalls have been made available for all students in locker rooms at the district’s five high schools, only transgender students have been required to use them. But when second semester classes begin a fter the holidays, no such rule will be in effect.

Nova Maday, a transgender 2018 graduate of Palatine High School with a discrimination lawsuit pending against the district, said she hoped the decision would influence other districts but doesn’t accomplish every improvement she’s sought for transgender students. One example of what’s not included, she said, is easing the process of getting one’s named changed on a student ID.

There used to be a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, if a boy student threatened the dignity and honor of a girl student, he’d get “set straight.” There used to be a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, where girls and women could rely on good men stepping up to do something on their behalf if those women weren’t physically strong enough to do it themselves. There used to be a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, when boys and men wanted and were allowed to be heroes for their women.

My, my, how times have changed.

Here we have a clear damsel in distress. She is fighting tears. A boy is invading her space. He was aided by a man, who I assume is his lawyer. The measure went through with the consent of both women and MEN.

What will likely happen is this girl will be forced to change in front of a boy unless she quits her sports teams. I’d encourage her to rally her fellow girl students to all quit their sports teams until their privacy rights are restored. Because I sadly doubt any boy at her school will fight for her honor. I sincerely doubt any dad at this school will confront the parents of this transgender student or the student himself, out of fear of societal repercussions.

Talk is cheap. It’s time for some action. Girls, you have to band together and push back. You have to boycott your own sports and events.

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Sassy Liberty

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