• June 15, 2024

Rush Limbaugh: White House Considering Revoking CNN’s Credentials

 Rush Limbaugh:  White House Considering Revoking CNN’s Credentials

I can hear the crying and the gnashing of teeth already.  What I can’t understand is why CNN would care.  Why do they need to hang around the White House?  They are going to fabricate their own news anyway, so why bother going in the first place?

Limbaugh says no decisions have been made and they are just discussing it and possibly the ramifications but I don’t know why.  The press is going to bash him anyway.  They will never be his friends.  Teach them there is a price to pay for publishing lies aka fake news.

 CALLER: Yeah, so Jim Acosta, well, he’s a sider so that’s fake media. Well, this whole kid who put out — not a kid — who put out this thing on Trump beating up CNN, you know, this whole blowup, they’ve lost their minds. At what point does the administration go, “Okay, we’re kind of done.” It’s like my five-year-old throws a fit, I try be a good dad, “Okay, okay, okay, okay, look, go to your room, be quiet. When you’re ready to act like an adult, you can come back to the table, but in the meantime, go to the corner.” Is there a point we get there, or not?

RUSH: Well, okay. I think what I’m being asked here is why does Trump continue to even deal with them as media since they’re Fake Media, since he’s claiming they’re fake, why do they even get into the pressroom. You will be happy to know that there have been — it’s ongoing, no decisions — discussions about eliminating CNN’s credentials in the Trump press office. They have talked about this for some of the very reasons that you assign.

My question is more basic. You know, we’re all operating under tradition in many things, and tradition is that the president is the president and the media is the media, and the media gets to ask representatives of the president questions each and every day at the White House press briefing. And we have accepted as tradition if it’s a Republican president the press can lie and distort and trick and deceive and be mean all day long, and we just have to deal with it ’cause that’s how it is.

If it’s a Democrat president that happens to be the first African-American, then we just have to deal with the fact that the press is a bunch of sycophants and they’re gonna spend all day long kissing the president’s rear end. And they’re gonna do everything they can to cover for him. Okay, fine. Why do we have to accept this tradition? Why does our side have to accept their tradition that the media gets its fair chance at destroying us every day? Why is that considered a part of behavior in the establishment?

Why? Why do we, why does our president, why does Bush, Reagan, you name it, Trump, some of us, why do we have to just sit here and take it and say, “Well, that’s just us. That’s the polite way. That’s the way the jib is cut.” Why? Well, obviously Trump doesn’t believe that. Trump doesn’t accept that tradition, by a long shot. And this is what it looks like when you blow it up.

The liberal press will back CNN to the hilt but CNN will still be on the outside looking in and outlets like the WaPo, NY Times and Huffington Post will have to decide if saving CNN is worth jeopardizing their credentials. They have become complacent because no one has ever challenged them before. I don’t know about you, but I’m lovin’ it.

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