ROAD RAGE: Driver Honks His Horn at Another and All Hell Breaks Loose [VIDEO]

Over the years, I’ve dealt with my fair share of a##holes on the streets to bring road rage.

I pretty much keep the cursing confined to my own car, because I don’t want to actually get into a confrontation with another motorist. It’s okay to have revenge fantasies, though.

Recently, not one, but two drivers decided to really let out their anger and the footage is absolutely insane. A couple in a car behind them witnessed one beep at the other. The driver who was honked at emerged from his car angry, opened his trump and came up with a baseball bat, and well…things just got crazier from there.

The guy in the car getting pounded on didn’t take things lying down. Watch what happens when the two get into a brawl on the street.

Yikes! I would be too terrified to even get out of my car if someone came at me with a baseball bat. This guy must have been special forces.  It looked like the swinging of the bat didn’t even phase him.  He dodged it and knocked the prick out with one punch.  And how many times do you see someone choked out in real life?

That was crazy!

H/T Viral Nova

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