RN Busted After Molesting Patients Under Anesthesia [VIDEO]

Michael Morgan, 33 of Adairsville and a male nurse working at Northern Crescent Endoscopy in Sandy Springs, turned himself in at the Fulton County jail Friday, May 12, after arrest warrants were issued for him a week earlier.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual battery and two counts of custodial sexual assault.

Authorities said at least two women were groped by Morgan when they were unconscious and under anesthesia.

According to a file report, two pastors told Sandy Springs local police they were given information that the 33-year-old had sexually assaulted several women while they were under anesthesia.

The pastors allegedly told police Morgan had looked at these women inappropriately, lifted their bras and touched their breasts. The report notes that both pastors were being careful in explaining how they came about the information.

The pastors were then taken to Sandy Springs’ criminal investigation unit and spoke with a detective, police said. After investigating, Sandy Springs police issued a warrant for Morgan’s arrest.

“We believe a pastor had talked to Mr. Morgan about this and then came and reported the crime to us,” Sandy Springs Sgt. Sam Worsham said “… And that’s what’s concerning about this case. You’re under anesthesia and you do have a lot of trust in the facility that you’re in.”

The alleged assaults took place between February and April of this year.

Scott Bailey, a lawyer representing Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates, confirmed that Morgan is no longer employed by AGA or Northern Crescent Endoscopy.

“They were shocked and surprised at the allegations,” Bailey said on behalf of AGA officials. “Patient safety is of the utmost priority to them.”

Bailey added that AGA does “pretty extensive” background checks on prospective employees before hiring them. He also said that AGA will work with police and give them “whatever they need.”

Jail records show he is still being held there without bond.

Source: NY Post


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