Residents PISSED As Illegal Immigrants ‘Defecate & Kill Chickens’ In Public [PHOTOS]

A group of reportedly undocumented Romanian immigrants have caused controversy for residents in a Pennsylvania town, who say their new neighbors are defecating on the streets and publicly beheading chickens.

The undocumented migrants were relocated there without warning, by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as part of a program called Alternative to Detention. Now, these migrants are showing their gratitude by defecating in the streets, beheading chickens, littering and rampant speeding through town.

Members of the Californian Borough community in Washington County said they are repulsed by the behavior of their new neighbors, with over 600 residents signing a petition demanding that they alter their lifestyle.

‘What I’ve seen is men and children – never usually the women – the men and the children dropping their pants in the middle of the street, defecating, pulling their pants up and going on their way,’ one man told Pittsburgh’s Action 4 News.

Angry residents at Thursday’s meeting said the newcomers throw trash around, park their cars in yards, disobey traffic rules, and are disruptive in markets. Others said that they’ve seen Romanians killing chickens and children defecating in public.

And then there are the internet-fueled rumors about them.

“We’re a very diverse town, we’re very open, but they aren’t assimilating to our laws,” said Pam Duricic, 59, a lifelong resident of California. “We are understanding that these are immigrants. But this is not the same scenario as our grandparents. They didn’t come here to raise havoc.”

Council members, the borough administrator and police Chief Richard Encapera said they had no warning that the immigrants were coming and have had difficulty contacting federal authorities for assistance and explanations.

But they also said there have been no instances of violence or aggression, and the immigrants involved in minor infractions have been duly cited and paid their fines.

Vito Dentino, a real estate agent who rents apartments to the majority of the immigrants, said that he has spoken to his tenants about not throwing trash in the yard.

“I think people around here are just overreacting,” he said.

Dentino said the immigrants were pleasant, according to the Post-Gazette, but unaware of American customs.

“I have not had one problem with them,” lifelong resident Lisa Buday told the Post-Gazette. “I say hi to them. This is a community. Let’s be human. This is not a fast process.”

Another California resident, Charlene Redmond, said she was invited by some of the immigrants to a dinner. She was asked to wear a scarf out of respect at the dinner, she said.

“We sat on the porch and ate and I learned some words,” Redmond said. “And it was awesome.”

Article Sources: Breitbart

Photo Credit: Breitbart

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